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New and changed features for Cognos Analytics. A one-page view of what’s new in the latest version of Cognos Analytics. Download the latest version of Cognos The ‘AI Learning’ update now enables Cognos Analytics to learn which visualisations you prefer to use. AI learning remembers what you are using specifically around visualisations.

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Initially, I was expecting to see complex SQL and MDX syntax but instead, I was surprised to see just some simple ‘If, Else, Then, Case, Cast, Dates’ syntax, accompanied with high level of creativity, logical thinking, and passion for data. Upgrade to IBM Cognos Analytics 11.1. There are compelling reasons for your business to upgrade from Cognos BI to Cognos Analytics. Infused with augmented intelligence (AI), machine learning, pattern detection, and data science tools, the latest version has a raft of next-gen features. Key features of Cognos Analytics 11.1 include: On Thursday, addressing concerns that led to an impression among some that the Cognos Analytics on Cloud platform is behind the times, IBM released Cognos Analytics version 11.1.3.

IBM Cognos Analytics for Consumers v11.0 eLearning

The above image shows that IBM Cognos Analytics versions are typically supported for 2 years + 1 extended in length and the versions overlap each other. At DeeperThanBlue Analytics we can help you upgrade from older unsupported versions, through the latest and greatest version with the newest features. The latest version of IBM Cognos Analytics is 11.1, in this version the BI software has brought in capabilities that were previously in Watson Analytics, bringing diagnostic analytics capabilities to the forefront. Read more on Definitions, Features and Examples.

Cognos analytics latest version

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Cognos analytics latest version

Types of Licenses. Cognos Analytics is available either on Cloud or On-Premise. 2019-01-07 · Version control is a way to keep various copies, or versions, of source code, deployments, or in this case, report objects in an organized manner allowing you to compare and quickly revert to a previous one as needed. Ideally, it will also allow you to keep track of who made the change with the reasons for the change. Se hela listan på en.wikipedia.org Cognos Analytics New Feature Online Training – Version 11.1 and Higher. April 27th, 2020.

Cognos analytics latest version

Cognos Analytics insights and knowledge transfer. focusing on what was released in the new Cognos 11.1.5 release: http://ibmblueview.com/cognos- analy. Upgrade to 11.1.7 FP2. Started by mjcotter.
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Watch the video below by Director of Technology, Ryan Dolley, to find out what’s new in the latest version of IBM Cognos Analytics.

IBM Cognos Analytics 11.1.6 was released in April 2020. Contact us to arrange an upgrade/ install or training. IBM Cognos Analytics 11.1 has been hailed as a revolution in enterprise business intelligence and analytics, utilising artificial intelligence to answer the what and why.
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You may be thinking… “this is great, however I New Cognos BI version have that you set the production or non-production from inside the Cognos Connection portal.