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In 1931 the Royal Swedish Arms Commission then issued a directive for a 37mm anti-tank gun that could deliver a 700g projectile at 800 m/s. Bofors experimented with the design and concluded that the gun would have to weigh 800kg to be effective enough. Swedish weapons are being used by the Iraqi military, according to Swedish Radio News. It is the anti-tank weapon AT 4, which has been passed on by the American military to the Iraqis. 2014-07-02 Air weapons, paintball guns, airsoft guns and other weapons These types of weapons, which are typically powered by carbonic acid, air or springs and shoot off bullets, arrows or paint ampoules, can in some cases be regarded as being limited-power under the Swedish Weapons Act. Weapons Sales in Sweden increased to 286 USD Million in 2020 from 172 USD Million in 2019. Weapons Sales in Sweden averaged 218.10 USD Million from 1950 until 2020, reaching an all time high of 895 USD Million in 2001 and a record low of 13 USD Million in 1963.

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In 1954, Nils Swedlund, Supreme Commander of the Swedish Armed Forces, publicly declared that nuclear weapons were crucial for the country's national security. The 1954 report discussed new kinds of weapons including autonomous weapons, electronic warfare, and NBC (Nuclear/Biological/Chemical) weapons. Small-arms Carl Gustav recoilless rifles - Unknown number bought from Sweden throughout the 20th century RBS 70 man-portable air defense systems - Unknown number bought from Sweden during the Cold War The oldest firearm ever found in Sweden is a small bronze gun named Loshultbössan. It's dated to the mid 1300s. It was found in a peat bog in the southern parts of Sweden in 1861 - just a few miles into what before the year 1658 used to be Danish territory. The gun is 310 mm long, and the calibre is 30-36 mm.

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Swedish National Defence Research Establishment (FOA). The most  Sweden has not yet signed or ratified the Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons.

Swedish weapons

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Swedish weapons

The threat of nuclear weapons is currently at its highest level since the end of the Cold War. 2011-03-14 Mar 26, 2019 - Weapons used in the Swedish Armed Forces or delveloped by the Swedish military industry. See more ideas about swedish armed forces, military, armed forces. 2019-03-09 One of the best Anti-Tank Weapons In the world!

Swedish weapons

In addition to these weapons, Sweden also possessed 9 unspecified heavy anti-aircraft guns with a caliber of 105 mm. In 1954, Nils Swedlund, Supreme Commander of the Swedish Armed Forces, publicly declared that nuclear weapons were crucial for the country's national security.
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Since Swedish-manufactured anti-tank weapons, sold to Venezuela, were found among FARC guerrillas in Colombia, - Sweden is unlikely to resume arms exports to the South American country. Swedish weapons and vehicles in Battlefield 4. Close. 36. Posted by 7 months ago.

Furthermore, we have collected data on the number of legal gun owners and legal weapons in all Swedish counties for the period 2007-2012.
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By Illia Ponomarenko. Published March 23 at 8:04 pm. * Note: Artilleri Divison is a three battery unit of between 20 and 30 guns. Order of Battle 1940. I6 stands for 6 Infantry Regiments and A3 for 3 Artillery Regiments.